What hardware fittings needs to be used when installing ADSS/OPGW?
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What hardware fittings needs to be used when installing ADSS/OPGW?

Hardware fittings is significant part,which is play an important role in Installation of fiber optic cable.So the choice of hardware fittings is also crucial. First of all, we need to make clear which conventional hardware fittings  are included in ADSS:Joint Box,Tension assembly,Suspension clamp,Dampers,Down-lead Clamp,Cable Hangers,Connector box,Fastening hardware and so on.The following paragraphs mainly introduce the uses and characteristics of these accessories hardware.

1.Joint box

Intermediate connection and branch protection of optical cable lines.Can play the role of sealing, protecting the placement of optical fiber connectors and storing reserved optical fiber to avoid the impact of external environmental factors.


(1)Standard size, light weight and reasonable structure

(2)Splice tray inside changeable

(3)Suitable for ribbon and single fiber

(4)Various panel plate to fit different adapter interface

(5)Front mark on the plate is easy for identification and operation

(6)Easy for management and operation

2.Tension assembly

Bear all the tension and connect the ADSS cable to the terminal tower, tension-resistant tower and cable connection tower.


(1)Effectively transfer the longitudinal compression force to the aramid fiber of the cable’s tension bearing unit, so as to avoid the cable sheath being pulled by excessive stress.

(2)Transfer axial tension.

(3)Increase the contact area with the cable, so that the stress distribution is uniform and there is no stress concentration point.

(4).Under the premise that the ADSS cable lateral compression strength is not exceeded, the cable has greater grip strength and can withstand greater tension.

(5)The holding force of ADSS cable shall be no less than 95% of its ultimate tensile strength (UTS).Fully applicable to the needs of cable erection.

3.Suspension clamp

Supporting role, the ADSS cable hanging on the line less than 25 ° corner tower.


(1)Large contact area between suspension clip and ADSS cable, even stress distribution, no stress concentration point.At the same time, the stiffness of the cable at the suspension point is improved, which plays a better protection role.

(2)It has a good dynamic stress bearing capacity and can provide sufficient gripping force to protect the ADSS cable to operate safely under unbalanced load.

(3)The high quality aluminum alloy material improves the mechanical and anticorrosive properties of the wire clip and greatly extends the service life of the wire clip.


Dampers is mainly used for ADSS cable, OPGW cable and power overhead wire, to eliminate or reduce the vibration of conductor and cable under the action of laminar wind, to prevent the damage of clamping parts and cable.


(1)The Dampers is designed with rake type structure, with grooves between large and small hammers, and grooves exposed at the connection between steel strand and hammer head.

(2)It can observe the fatigue damage of the steel strand, does not limit the swing of the hammer head, does not wear and tear the steel strand, can obtain multiple resonance frequencies.Suitable for optical cable with diameter of 9.5mm~27mm (including cable sheath diameter)

5.Down-lead Clamp

Down-lead Clamp fixture is mainly used for ADSS, OPGW cable in the tower when the lead fixed installation.For example, at the cable connector pole (tower), the cable is led from the clamping accessories to the fixed position of the connection protection box;Cable from the tower directly to the underground pipeline, cable trench, buried, and lead to the fixed position into the machine room.In order to protect the safety of the cable, must avoid cable and tower or other objects under the influence of wind friction and damage to the cable.


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