Fiber Optical Distribution Frame (ODF)

ODF is mainly used for cable inlet, grounding and fixing and the splicing between the terminal end and pigtail. Users can select unit or ring flange amount according to their practical needs.

Product Name:Distribution Frame(ODF)

Brand Place of Origin: GL Hunan,China (Mainland)

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1,Telecommunications subscriber loop;

2,Fiber to the home (FTTH);




1,Applied to various of optical fiber distribution frames, distribution cabinets and optical cable cross-connection cabinets.

2,With splice trays in the box and integrate heat sealing and wiring into one.

3,Applydouble-sided structured optical fiber splice trayto make full use of the two sides of the board.

4,It’s suitable for ribbon or non-ribbon optical fiber cable.

5,Every tray can be clamped with 12FC/SC/ST adaptors.

6,Install adaptors on the face side of optical fiber splice tray in a bayonet way at an oblique angle of 30 degrees to ensure curve radius of optical fiber and prevent eyes from being damaged by laser light at the same time.


Easy Installa;High reliabil;FC/SC/ST/L;Anti-Rust p;Rugged Cas;Sliding Rail;For 19 in.


Only a part of Distribution Frame(ODF) are listed here. We can depend on customer’s requirement to producing the different model Distribution Frame(ODF).

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Model Fiber Quantity Height Dimension(cm) Weight(Kg)
ODF-R12 12 1U 45x 32×4.45 4
ODF-R24 24 1U 45x 32×4.45 4.2
ODF-R48 48 2U 48x32x8.9 4.31
ODF-R96 96 2.5U 48x32x11 5.05
ODF-R144 144 4U 48x32x17.8 7.91
 ODF Unit Series with door:
Modle No. Overall Size Max Capacity Port Type Way to install
GL0104011/15 480*280*3U 48core SC/FC Rack-mounted
GL0104012/16 480*280*4U 72core SC/FC Rack-mounted
 ODF Unit Series without door:
Modle No. Overall Size Max Capacity Port Type Way to install
GL0104003 480*210*3U 48core SC Rack-mounted
GL0104004 480*210*4U 72core SC Rack-mounted
GL0104008 480*235*3U 48core FC Rack-mounted
GL0104009 480*235*4U 72core FC Rack-mounted

We can depend on customer’s requirement to producing the different model ODF.

We supply OEM&ODM service.

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