GYTY53 Stranded Loose Tube Cable with Steel Tape

In the GYTY53 cable, single-mode/multimode fibers are positioned in the loose tubes, the tubes are filled with water blocking filling compound.Tubes and fillers are stranded around the strength member into a circular cable core. Then the cable is completed with a PE sheath. Which is filled with the filling compound to protect it. After PSP is applied over the inner sheath, the cable is completed with a PE outer sheath.

Product Name: Stranded Loose Tube Cable with Steel Tape (Double Sheaths GYTY53)

Brand Place of Origin: GL Hunan,China (Mainland)

Application: Direct Buried/Underground







1,The following measures are taken to ensure the water blocking performance of the cable.

2,Single steel wire used as the central strength Member.

3,Special water-blocking filling compound in the loose tube.

4,100% cable core filling,APL and PSP moisture barrier.

 Temperature Rage

Operating :-40℃ to +70℃

Storage :-40℃ to +70℃


Comply with stand YD/T 901-2009 as well as IEC 60794-1


Technical Parameters:
Cable Type (increased by 2fibers) Fiber Count Cable Diameter (mm) Cable Weight (kg/km) Tensile Strength Long/Short Term

( N)

Crush Resistance

Long/Short Term (N/100mm)

Bending Radius

Static/ Dynamic (mm)

GYTY53 2 ~36 2 ~36 6 12.6 184 1000/3000 1000/3000
GYTY53 38 ~ 72 38 ~ 72 12 14.0 216 1000/3000 1000/3000
GYTY53 74 ~ 96 74 ~ 96 12 15.7 260 1000/3000 1000/3000
GYTY53 98 ~ 120 98 ~ 120 12 17.4 301 1000/3000 1000/3000
GYTY53 122 ~ 144 122 ~ 144 12 19.0 354 1000/3000 1000/3000

1,Only a part of Aerial/Duct/Direct Buried/UnderGround/Armoured cables are listed in the table. Cables with other specifications can be inquired.

2,Cables can be supplied with a range of single mode or multimode fibers.

3,Specially designed Cable structure is available on request.

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Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Details:

1-5KM per roll. Packed by wooden drum . Other packing available according to client`s Request.

Sheath mark:

The following printing(white hot foil indentation)is applied at 1meter intervals.

a. Supplier: Guanglian or as customer required;
b. Standard Code(Product Type, Fiber Type,Fiber Count);
c. Year of manufacture: 7 years;
d. Length marking in meters.



Lead Time:






To be begotiated!


The Packing standard and details as above is estimated and final size & weight shall be confirmed before shipment.

The cables are packed in carton, coiled on Bakelite & wooden drum. During transportation, right tools should be used to avoid damaging the package and to handle with ease. Cables should be protected from moisture,kept away from high temperature and fire sparks,protected from over bending and crushing,protected from mechanical stress and damage.

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