African Gabon project buried optical cable procurement case
ADSS Solution

Gabon is one of our key trading partners in the African market. Low population density combined with abundant natural resources and foreign personal investment have helped Gabon become the most prosperous country in the region, and its Human Development Index is also the highest in sub-Saharan Africa. of. In recent years, Gabon has vigorously developed urban construction. In 2019, Hunan GL Technology Co., Ltd. (GL) successfully won the bid for its large-scale buried optical cable project, with a project scale of more than 10 million US dollars.

In this project, GL Optical Cable Products have won the full recognition of customers with good technical indicators, reliable product quality and flexible product customization strategies. GL has achieved an important breakthrough in the Gabon market in Africa, and has also laid a good foundation for the expansion of other key products of GL in the Gabon market.

The following are some pictures of the construction site where workers lay buried optical cables.

非洲加蓬放置光缆 3