Hunan GL Spring Outdoor Development Training in 2019
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Hunan GL Spring Outdoor Development Training in 2019

In order to enhance the team cohesion of the company's employees, cultivate teamwork ability and innovation awareness, promoting the discussion and exchange of employees in various departments during the work and learning process, Hunan GL technology Co., Ltd. held a two-day and one-night expansion training at Tianci Garden in Changsha.

Under the leadership of professional development coaches, a competition of wisdom and strength was carried out. The expansion is divided into 8 projects, including from area A to area B, team display, battlefield, bonfire, dance PK, speed limit, bomb removal, graduation line, members are divided into four teams to conduct activities, and let us ourselves elected the captain, the team name, the slogan, the formation song, and the team flag. In the process, we abandoned our other identities and forgot our age and job position. Each of us was fully engaged in the activity.

After the formation is adjusted, the coach asked us a question. “What should a successful enterprise have?” Colleagues are scrambling to answer, “executive power, cohesiveness, explosiveness, common goals and beliefs, perseverance, collaboration between colleagues, work efficiency, resource sharing “and many more.

Then the coach asked: “What is success equal to?” Everyone brainstormed and finally answered this question. Success is equal to belief plus method. The question that comes with it is “What percentage of beliefs and methods are there?” Everyone has their own different views. In order to answer this question, the coach took us into the game, and solved the problem through the game, so I entered the game. The game is that everyone uses different methods to go from area A to area B. The method cannot be repeated. We have shared 122 different methods to complete the task. Through this game we conclude that “success is equal to the belief that the hundred percent plus method is infinitely numerous.” As long as you have a firm belief, even if you are not successful for a while, success is already on the way, and in the near future will always achieve your goal! Never give up!

There is a saying called "Learning to speak in a year, learning to shut up in a lifetime", communication has always been the most important bridge between people, and the game of the battlefield, restricting our communication, a total of commanders, soldiers, and commanders The officer has three roles, the soldier blindfolded, put on a mask, stood in the ground covered with mines and bombs, and the commander turned his back to the battlefield, and only issued instructions through the commander’s gesture. In this case, the soldiers should avoid Landmines, grabbing bombs, and attacking enemies, only one soldier left on the field to win. In this case, efficient communication and the tacit understanding of the team became the ultimate weapon for victory. In fact, this game is a microcosm of the work, the boss sends out the instructions, the middle-level manager receives the information, and finally the staff performs, and the order executed by the staff at this time may be only 50% effective. Therefore, how to communicate effectively and accurately communicate is an indispensable part of a team..

The most relaxing is the bonfire party at night, the blazing flame on the ground, everyone’s face is warm, we hold hands, rotate around the bonfire, jump, like a clockwork It seems that for a moment, we feel that we are on the endless grassland, sipping a pot of wine, and eating a lot of mutton. At this moment, we have no pressure, no burden, only that fire, it is a fire of passion, a beautiful heart. hope.


What impressed me the most was the last project “Graduation Line”. The four teams combined a large team “GL Team”, and now only the GL Team. The rule of the game is that all people have to go from the top without facing the one-meter-high graduation line. In the face of the graduation line that has been shoulder-to-shoulder, we have not retreated, but we are thinking about how to do it in a short time. Everyone on the side of the graduation line. In order for everyone to safely cross the graduation line, everyone has no complaints and is willing to take the initiative to take turns, because only when you personally go to the ladder, can you really feel the power of others when you are a ladder Feel the contribution of others to you; it also means that we know how to be willing to take our own actions and know the joy and pride that we can share with our teammates.

Although this expansion training has ended, the pace of “GL People’s Development” has never stopped.


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