Hunan GL expresses condolences to the Sri Lanka bombin
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Hunan GL expresses condolences to the Sri Lanka bombin

On April 21, 2019, all the staff of Hunan GL Technology Co., Ltd., expressed condolences to the series of explosions in Sri Lanka.

We have always maintained a close relationship with our friends in Sri Lanka. I was shocked to learn that a series of explosions occurred in the capital city of Colombo and other places, resulting in 262 deaths and at least 452 injuries. Here, Hunan GL Technology Co., Ltd., personnel expressed deep condolences to the victims and expressed sincere condolences to the wounded and the families of the victims and the people of your country.

Finally, all the staff of GL strongly support your country in safeguarding national security and stability, and sincerely pray for Sri Lanka. I hope that the people of your country can turn grief into strength and get rid of the haze of terrorism as soon as possible.

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