How to improve the stable operation of cable
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How to improve the stable operation of cable

The overhead common cable is currently the main electric power optical fiber network running members to make the safe and stable operation of cable, the first thing to choose a suitable path, a good path should be full communication with planning transportation management department, and approved by a path with a good path, looking for qualified units for design and construction of qualified units, after having an operation maintenance team to ensure the stable operation of the optical fiber cable for this in the future path besides should choose as far as possible along the village of highway roadside to consider the following factors:

(1) before the planning and design, organization and technical personnel of the local construction of geological terrain conditions for careful investigation, to determine the path of the network cable rod road scheme of ADSS cable

(2) pole road and highway should keep a certain distance, to prevent vehicle collision cable rod

(3) to strengthen rod road safety measures to avoid or reduce the storm damage to the rod road in rod road construction shall be installed per kilometer 3 ~ 4 individual character, more than 30 Angle lever should also install the terminal wire and messenger wire protection

(4) to stem the shock of the road lighting protection measures, it is the amount of steel strand every pole hang in the ground, the second is herringbone well they can stay ADSS

(5) across the road to hang a red and white warning belt

(6) should not have branches in stem road on both sides of the 1 m

(7) when the cable into the computer room must be at least respectively from two different paths

(8) cable into the computer room all the channel to use firewall isolation

(9) cable into the upper room, fiber optic cable shall be neatly arranged, and fixed firmly, every root on the cable should be listed on usage of ADSS cable manufacturers

(10) there are metal optical cable into the room should be replaced with non-metal optical cable

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