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What’s the focus of global optical fiber communications in the next few years? What is the most important thing about the whole industry chain from operators, equipment dealers, device dealers to materials, instruments and so on? Where is the future of China's optical communication? What is the most important thing we need to improve in this industry?That’s what GL Technology has been studying.

GL Technology pays close attention to the leading operators and big equipment manufacturers in the next generation PON field leader and never wants to miss the wonderful insights and dialogues. Many scholars discussed the construction of 5G and the construction of PON ,10G PON of total market are very eager. In addition, many professors referred to the other cable industry ,some of them are the most cutting-edge technologies.We always keep up thees studies closely.

We see the promoting path to the household China Gigabit. The whole industry chain should get together to create common standard, to reduce costs and promote more application.

There is no doubt that in an era which technology changes so rapidly, a concept emerge,an endless stream era, adhere to their own ideals, no retreat, only for the real, and continue to work together to raise the optical communication industry.

GL Technology ,we try our best to do what we should do.

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