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Hunan GL Technology Co., Ltd. (GL) is a 16 years experienced leading manufacturer for fiber optic cables in China which is located in Changsha, capital of Hunan province. GL provides one-stop service of research-produce-sale-logistics for more than 100 countries all over the world. GL now owns 13 production lines and 80 technology innovation engineers.

There’re over 550 employees in GL, 70% belongs to technical and research department, 8 of them are Doctors, 30 of them are of master degree and over 200 staff are with Bachelor degree. All the staff are well educated with rich practise experience and professional knowledge in fiber optic cable ... >>> View More

16 Years Experience China Manufacturer For Optical Cable.
GL Provides One-Stop Service Of Research-Produce-Sale-Logistics.
Service More Than 100 Countries All Over The World.
GL Owns 13 Production Lines And 80 Technology Innovation Engs.

Our International Exhibition

2016 Las Vegas
2016 Las Vegas

GL Participated In The FOC Exhibition In Las Vegas

2017 India
2017 India

GL Participated In The Optical Cable Exhibition In Indian

2017 USA
2017 USA

GL Participated In The Optical Cable Exhibition In USA

2018 Vietnam
2018 Vietnam

GL Participated In The Optical Cable Exhibition In Vietnam

GL History

In 2003

Telecommunication industry was in primary developing stage in whole China, telecom operators can only provided low transmission speed of 100M/s, there’re less than 10 optic cable factories in China and all the inside optic fiber raw materials needed to import abroad. It’s also a primary developing stage of GL, mainly engaged in FO cables sale, annual amount about $150,000.

In 2004

GL purchased manufacturing facilities and began simple structure FO cable production, main products GYXTW duct and aerial cable, annual amount reached $550,000

In 2005

GL increases two production line for outdoor cable and indoor cable in workshop which made annual amount up to $800,000. Mainly produce GYXTW uni-tube cable, GYTA stranded structure cable and indoor cable.

In 2006

It’s a brand new year for GL. GL had a great improvement on cable production technology which made GL available for special structure cable customization. One of the typical project is Hunan Head building of BOC which was installed with 10GB backbone and 350 sets rooms were applied with FTTH solution. Annual amount more than $1600,000.

In 2007

GL finalized lots of famous projects, such as backbone construction for Changsha government building, Hunan station tax administration building, Hunan Women and Children's Hospital office building, Hunan university, and Central South university etc.

In 2008

GL paid more attention to cable research by cooperating with university and developed lots of special cables, such as coal&mine application cables MGTSV, wharf and boats application cables, tactical and sub-water cables and GYTA33, GYTA53-33 specialized application cables. Our research department had a rapid growing influence in optic fiber cable field.

In 2009

GL changed the official name to Hunan GL technology Co., Ltd. and entered into China STATE GRID, we follow government policy to devote to Electric and Optic construction in West Northern China. GL began new products of OPGW & ADSS which contributed a lot for China west northern area construction. GL overseas department was also established in this year, whole annual amount above $6million.

In 2010

GL expanded business to every province of China and exported to some countries in east south Asia and America, annual amount above $10million.

In 2011

GL finalized a special project with 500KV line which made GL a leading company in fiber optic field, the global market also grew rapidly, amount above $15million.

In 2012

GL got lots rewards and became a qualified, stable and long term cooperated supplier for China state grid. For overseas market, GL built good business relationship with famous telecom such as IPTO, ENTEL, VIETTEL etc., annual value above $23 million.

In 2013

GL focuses on brand building and got good reputation all over the world, we provided backbone fiber optic cables for more than 100 power&new energy resources projects with pretty good feedback, annual value above $27 million.

In 2014

GL expanded overseas market to more than 30 different countries in Asia, South America and Europe. GL focuses on product quality and customers satisfaction, in order to make prefect cable for one of customer in South America, GL research department kept making sample and experiments for more than 30 times till getting customer approval, customers speak highly of this “GL spirit”, GL reached $38 million in this year!

In 2015

GL branch office was established in Lao and won lots of tender in different countries. GL expanded market to more than 50 countries in the world. GL brand is becoming more and more popular in the global market because of providing scientific technical solutions for customers.

In 2016

As a represent, GL attended exhibition in Las Vegas and had good negotiation with famous telecom companies over the world, GL reached value $105 million and became a strong, stable and creative enterprise.

In 2017

GL participated in more and more exhibitions, such as Indian FOC, USA Los Angeles exhibition, China CIOE etc, had co-operations with over 95 countries. GL always put quality first and engaged in global market to devoted themselves to network construction in backward countries. Now the annual value reached $150 million.

In 2018

GL build business relationship with more than 100 countries and GL is still keeping improving and walking forward to contribute more to global network fiber cable development. Now 5G products is coming soon, we will see what happens!



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